No Hardware Setup

Simply stick the beacon to your office wall and let your employees clock in with their smartphones. No installation, no maintenance.

Smart Clocking

Bluetooth beacon enables your employees to clock-in with their smartphones within its range (around 20 meters). No need for cards, badges or time clocks. Just beacons and smartphones.

Buddy punching is the thing of the past

Beacon clocking uses employee smartphone as an identification. Does anyone lend their smartphones to their colleagues? We don’t think so either.

Does your company have multiple offices?

Standard time clocks are way too expensive to deploy them in every office. But we bet you can afford a few Bluetooth beacons – they cost less than your average meal.

Take advantage of our limited offer and get a free Beacon

Sign up for All Hours paid plan with 10 employees right now and get a free Estimore beacon shipped to your door.
They normally cost 27€, just so you know.

Awesome! Send me the Beacon

Clock your hours right where your work is

web time clock

All Hours offers whole range of possibilities for collecting employee time clockings. The most basic is our time clock widget in your browser.

mobile time clock

No need to stop by the office just to clock in or out. Employees can register their time on the go, even without internet connection.

mobile time clock

Worried whether your employees will register from home, while they should be at work? You can restrict clocking to geolocations. 

Keep the finger on the pulse of your company

Do you know whether you employees are at work? Are your employees frequently late for work?
Get real-time information anytime, anywhere.
employee time clocking mobile reports allhours

Review and respond to time-off requests in one centralized system

When tracking work time, it is not only presence that is important, absence also needs to be managed. Team managers can easily review and approve requests using the All Hours absence management view. Email notifications are automatically sent to keep everyone up-to-date.


Enforce your company’s working time policies
using All Hours calculation rules


All Hours takes care of the complexity of worktime calculations based on the rules you set up. But don’t panic, they’re easy to set up.


Rules come predefined so you can get started right away. But if you need to, they are very easy to tune.


Advanced settings enable you to set up teams of employees. This way you can customize the rules on different levels of your company.

Do you need more proof?

You can start clocking your time right now!
No need for any installations.



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