Time and Attendance in the Cloud

Time and Attendance in the Cloud

Choose from the widest range of clocking options in the cloud
and combine them freely to suit your needs.

Video overview:

See who’s in and who’s out

Who is present and who is absent, for what reason if any – vacation, business trip, sickness or just AWOL? You can check it any time from any conneted device, smartphone, tablet or a PC.

Work by your rules

Calculation of hours is automatic and based on the rules you set up. These come predefined so you can get started right away. But if you need to, they are very easy to tune.

Built-in approval system

Just seeing who’s in and who’s out is not enough. Usually, you would want absences and exceptions from usual working time to be approved. Simple yet effective approval system is seamlessly integrated and available whenever your rules require it.

Realtime analytics

It may be your regular employee interview or playing with some general worktime optimisation idea. Whenever you need it, all information is available and up-to-date. Once you need to send your results to payroll, the data export is run with a single click.

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All Hours has made it easier for us to track employee attendance. Easy to clock in, even from home, great real-time overview of hours tracked and online time off requests are one of many benefits of All Hours Time and attendance System.

Wolf Theiss (Law firm)


All Hours speaks your language

The application has already been translated to several languages including English, German, French, Russian and Arabic.

Where is Elvis?

All Hours is a great solution for your reception. There is a huge difference between being out of office or just not being reachable by phone. Now, the receptionist can actually know. He will also know if someone just left or just came and spare him and everybody else from guessing where is Elvis!

Work Log

This set of analytical information gives you the bigger picture of registered work. Here are some things you can see:

  • how much work you tracked,
  • how it is distributed,
  • how much of your work is payable,
  • how much of your absence is in unauthorised,
  • absence distribution and
  • day type distribution.

Clear Calculation Rules

Calculation of hours is carried out automatically and according to rules you have set up. The rules are carefully designed to be as generic as possible, intuitive and easy to manage. The rules covering most of usual office and workshop policies come predefined so you can get started right away. But if you need to, you can tweak them easily, down to the individual level.


When tracking work, it is not only presence that is important, but absence needs to be evaluated as well. Every absence has to be approved. Approvers can easily review and respond to requests using the requests view. Email notifications are automatically sent to keep everyone up-to-date.

Effortless reporting

People are prone to forget. Filling out work logs is no exception. They are usually filled out at the end of each month. Since one month of work is easily forgotten we end up with most work logs beeing fictitious. With AllHours, employees don’t have to fill out anything. Up-to-date reports are ready and accurate all the time and anytime.

With All Hours Online Attendance software we were able to set the calculation rules specific to our company. It also enables us to see who’s present in the building and register time outside the office, which decreases our administrative tasks tremendously.

CEO of Micro Medica

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