A time clock is strictly optional

All Hours does not require a time clock to work.

You can clock in through your browser or using our mobile phone app.

To prevent abuse, you can specify IP addresses or geolocations where clocking is possible.

Clocking Options

All Hours makes it easy to combine different ways of clocking.
You may want to enhance browser and mobile clocking with an actual hardware time clock.

Whether you want to use RFID cards or a biometric solution, All Hours has you covered.

AH2 Clock by TBS

Top quality biometric time clock from leading Swiss manufacturer TBS, with FBI certified optical fingerprint touch sensor and built-in support for All Hours. Power supply and installation cable kit included.

AH Clock by Spica

Compact time clock with programmable buttons. RFID badges included, the number will match current number of users. Power over Ethernet. Made by Spica exclusively for All Hours.

Bluetooth Beacon by Estimote

Bluetooth beacon by leading supplier Estimote, range up to 20 meters. Use to pinpoint clocking locations with smartphones equipped with Bluetooth 4.0.

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