When it comes to collecting clocking events such as arrival and departure from work, even lunch or business trips, All Hours offers a range of possibilities. Clocking methods can be freely combined to suit any type of work. Shortly, we have the following  five possibilities:

  • Mobile phone using geolocation
  • Mobile phone using BLE beacons
  • Mobile phone using NFC tags
  • Time Clock and Badges
  • Tablet or computer

Mobile phone using geolocations

Some jobs require a significant amount of fieldwork. In such cases, the mobile phone clocking spares the time and costs of coming to office just to clock in.

Abuse prevention: The clocking location can be restricted to predefined geolocations.

Mobile phone using BLE beacons

When geolocation is not available or if it is not accurate enough, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) be

acons can be used instead. These small devices are battery operated, therefore no electricity or internet connection is needed. Clocking is possible whenever the employee’s mobile phone is in the beacon’s range, otherwise not.

Abuse prevention: Beacon location is known and fixed, so the possibility of abuse is minimal.

BLE Beacons are available from many sources including allhours.com

Bluetooth beacon microlocation

Mobile phone using NFC tags

Although NFC has somewhat lost its appeal since the appearance of beacons, it is still useful in some cases. NFC tags are considerably cheaper than Beacons, and there is no battery to worry about. The reading is limited to near-touch range, which can work better in some situations.

Abuse prevention: By fixing the tag so it cannot be moved around.

Time Clock and Badges

Time Clock is the fastest and still the most popular way of clocking employees. They clock in simply by flashing the RFID card (or key fob) at the Time Clock.

Abuse prevention: Video surveillance.

badge clocking in all hours

Tablet or computer clocking

In some cases, more advanced clocking methods are not viable. If nothing else is available, clocking from any browser can be used.

Abuse prevention: Accepting only clockings from pre-set IP addresses. This can help limit the clocking to certain computers or locations.

Clocking in the browser with the clocking widget in All Hours