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Time & Attendance

All Hours tracks employee hours so they can focus on more important tasks.

Leave Management

Approve and reject leave requests and track all types of absences.

Automate Payroll

Use timesheets for truly accurate payroll and keep overtime in check.

Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance

All Hours offers your employees an accurate registration of arrivals and departures from work, lunch breaks, business trips, remote work, and more.

Track from your computer, mobile, and time clock terminal.

Manage Absences

Manage Absences

Log annual leave, vacation days, holidays, sick leave, and any other absences. Absence requests are approved by administrators and heads of departments. 
Manage Payroll

Manage Payroll

Export data for a smooth and accurate payroll with a single click.

All Hours provides you with a summary of paid hours, absences, and overtime for a given period.
Easy and Clear

Your company at a glance

Your company at a glance

What users say about All Hours

“All Hours is easy to use, straightforward, and very handy.

My employees find it a good solution to register hours, anywhere they are working (using a PC, laptop, or smartphone depending on where they are located).

The statistics and timesheets give me the necessary information for total working hours (in order to calculate wages) at the end of the month.

So to sum up: easy, handy, and flexible!”

David Strobbe, Tiskarna Strobbe

"We have a very good experience with All Hours. Its functionalities cover our entire employee spectrum – administrative staff, off-site maintenance team, and sales team. The mobile application is of the greatest importance to us as it enables us to easily track off-site work hours.

With access to their personal web portals employees have control over their monthly plan and hours worked. The reports are simple and transparent.

Employees have accepted the solution very well and do not consider it an extra burden. This was essential to getting them to use it on a regular basis. The administrator is also satisfied because their workload at the end of the month has lowered significantly."

Srečko Velkavrh, Mettler Toledo d.o.o.

"All Hours is accessible from anywhere. It’s user-friendly and has different modes of clocking in and out which is very convenient especially on Mobile phones.

The biggest issue we were having was to track the location of the site employees along with clocking ability. All Hours made that possible.

All Hours itself is good enough to be recommended but the main reason for a recommendation would be that customer support is very patient and vigilant."

Waleed Meer, Noortech

"All Hours is a very useful and practical solution. I am especially grateful for prompt responsiveness and help from the team whenever I need any support.

I like All Hours Excel exports which I regularly use to prepare wages.

I would recommend All Hours for its usefulness, convenience, and simplicity, for the team behind it and their customer support!"

Slavi Pavlič, ALSO d.o.o.

"All Hours is simple and easily accessible. Ever since we have been using it we don’t need to manually fill-out and collect timesheets anymore. It helps us to manage employee presence and absences without any difficulties."

Maria Dolinar, KZ Dolomiti

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