More and more companies are using online SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions to cover at least some of their business needs. These solutions are fast to implement and they save money. Online time and attendance might in fact be the fastest, the cheapest and the most flexible way to get you started with time tracking – with no other hardware than your smartphone

The benefits of online Time and Attendance

Low cost of entry

You don’t have to install anything to calculate your hours with an online time and attendance solution. This means you don’t have to invest in your infrastructure. When buying conventional desktop solutions, licence costs are only the first part of the price. You will have to pay extra for installation and configuration. All these costs fall off when going for SaaS.

The benefits of online Time and Attendance

Low cost of ownership

Hardware and software maintenance are a huge expense over time. With an online time and attendance solution maintenance is already included in subscription fees. Since you don’t have to worry about the infrastructure you don’t have to pay for extra IT staff.

Powerful and secure infrastructure

Some people have concerns about trusting their data to web services. The truth is only a few in house IT environments can compete with those ran by SaaS vendors. Reliability and security are the most important factors of any serious SaaS vendor. All Hours servers are hosted in a secure location and traffic is encrypted with 128-bit encryption to prevent information theft.

Accessible from anywhere any time

A great feature of every online solution is you can access it from any place and device with internet connectivity at any time. You don’t have to establish a VPN connection to your office just to go over some data. You could be laying at the beach and access All Hours from you smartphone without a sweat! This makes it a great solution for recording hours of remote employees.

The benefits of online Time and Attendance

No updates and upgrades to install

With an online time and attendance solution you are always running on the latest version, without the need to install any updates. Don’t forget about system updates which is another thing you don’t have to worry about. Servers are always patched and up to date. Updates are always scheduled to install at times with low traffic to avoid noticeable down times.

GDPR Compliance

Most employee attendance softwares in the cloud provide you with a chronological audit log of who viewed, created, exported, edited or deleted any employee data. This way you are able to prove to authorities whether you have implemented the data processing limitations and demonstrate how and when your data was processed as required by the GDPR. These requirements apply to all companies who have any employees working in the EU.


You can start small and easily activate new features with online Time and Attendance when your business demands it. Same goes for deactivating your subscription or changing your service provider. This gives you total flexibility in choosing and changing your tools.

With All Hours you will also be flexible in the way you clock: you can use your smartphone, browser or BLE beacon – whatever suits you best!

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The benefits of online Time and Attendance

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