Bluetooth Beacon Clocking

Make sure your employees always clock-in where they are suppose to – the reception of your office, the classroom, or any other specific location.

Bluetooth Beacon Clocking

How it works?

All Hours uses Bluetooth Beacons to limit clocking only when an iBeacon is nearby.

This way you can be sure that your employees are exactly where they should be when clocking in.


What is a beacon?

Bluetooth beacons are small and inexpensive battery-powered devices.

Beacons allow you to distinguish positions indoors allowing you to know who clocked-in and out in different rooms, not just different addresses.


Recommended beacons

All Hours works with any beacon adhering to the iBeacon standard. One of the vendors we love to recommend is Estimote.

Beacons can be ordered directly from All Hours at $30 per device excluding shipping. Please contact us for more information.

One of the solutions beacons offer is allowing students to sign into their lectures without having to wait in line to swipe a badge or sign in on a paper form.

– Lorrie, The University of Phoenix

No waiting in line

Employees can clock in simultaneously when they are in range of a beacon. 

No wi-fi or electricity need

Beacons come with a battery that lasts for several years and require no internet connection.


Beacons cost $30 per device and can be added to the system any time so All Hours grows with your needs.

We are currently using beacons on 4 floors of one building on campus, plus one beacon in a classroom on the first floor of another building on campus. The classrooms are in close proximity. Some are next door to each other and others are stacked (ie. 1st, 2nd , 3rd and 4th floors).

– Lorrie, The University of Phoenix

Easy to use

Beacons are also popular for their simplicity. Employees can easily see when they are in range of a beacon and their clocking options become available. 


Easy to manage

You or your managers can add beacons to your All Hours account with ease. Just connect the beacon to your account, give it a name and you’re done.

Clocking locations will now be marked with the appropriate beacon’s name allowing administrators to easily see, who clocked in at which location.


I think students also like the application and the simplicity of just using their phone to sign into class.

– Lorrie, The University of Phoenix

Bluetooth Beacon Clocking

Customer Review:

Bluetooth Beacon Clocking


Bluetooth Beacon Clocking

“All Hours is accessible from anywhere. It’s user-friendly and has different modes of clocking in and out which is very convenient especially on Mobile phones.

Biggest issue we were having was to track location of the site employees along with clocking ability. All Hours made that possible.

All Hours itself is good enough to be recommended but the main reason for recommendation would be that customer support is very patient and vigilant.”

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