Web Time Clock

The simplest way to clock time.

With All Hours each of your employees gets access to their personal web portal, where they clock-in and out using a simple web time clock. This acts as an online replacement of an expensive time punching machine from the past.

Besides clocking (punching) in, employees can check the amount of hours they’ve worked at any time, file a vacation or sick leave request and see how many vacation days they have left.

As a manager, you will get access to an administrator portal, where you can view or export your company timesheets. All Hours will calculate hours for you and you can just download filled-out timesheets in Excel or .csv formats.

The web time clock is available by default to every All Hours user.


*In case you are worried about your employees taking advantage of the system, you can restrict clocking only to certain IP addresses.

Smartphone App:

All your employees can use our free smartphone app. The app supports GPS, RFID tags and Bluetooth beacons to pinpoint clocking locations.