Online time and attendance

If at this moment you are still using manual Excel timesheets to calculate hours for your employees, you will be very happy to have stumbled upon this simple employee attendance app!

Let’s make it short and sweet – how does it work? All Hours is an online time and attendance system. It is based on a simple mobile time clock and a web portal with a web time clock, which your employees use to clock in and out while they work. They can even send you their leave requests. The collected data are then used to calculate hours.

Calculate hours with a simple time clock

As an administrator you have access to a web portal where you can:

  • see who is currently present at work,
  • customize work time settings to fit your work attendance policy,
  • check online timesheets for your employees,
  • grant or reject employee leave requests.

Our app will automatically calculate hours for a given period – daily, weekly, monthly and so on. These online timesheets are always at your fingertips to check or download.

Calculate hours with a simple time clock

Calculate hours effortlessly

Have you ever wondered how much time you lose on timesheets every month?

Calculate hours with a simple time clock

All Hours will not only collect data but also calculate hours for you. Instead of collecting manual Excel timesheets and doing calculations yourself, you just download filled-out company timesheets in Excel or .csv format. You can choose whether to download a timesheet for a particular employee, a team or the entire company.

Calculate hours with a simple time clock

Download example company timesheet here >>>

What is great is that the entire history of your employee attendance data is stored securely online and is always a few clicks away:

  • no paper,
  • no chaotic folders on your computer,
  • no chasing your employees around for those timesheets.

By not needing your employees to fill in their timesheets manually anymore, this software will save you a lot of time. Time you can use much better.

Calculate hours with a simple time clock

Your team and yourself will get on board with our simple app in no time. You don’t even need any extra gear besides a smartphone. You just create your account and send out invitations to join to your employees. They just need to confirm their accounts, download the free mobile app and you’re good to go.

This might be the easiest, the cheapest and the most time-efficient way to track your employee attendance and calculate hours for your company timesheets. Try it our for free:


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