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Clocking In and Out

Time clocking from your mobile phone, web app, bluetooth beacon or time clock terminal. Automatically record presence and absences of your employees and speed up your payroll process.

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Clocking in with a Time Clock

Clocking in with a Time Clock

A time clock is the most common way to register work hours. It's suitable for office spaces as well as warehouses and factory usage.

Employees pick an action (arrival, departure, lunch...) on the touch screen and use their card or chip to finish the clocking process.

For leaders

• The classic and most common way of clocking

• Fast and easy installation

• The terminal works during power outages

• Employees don't need internet access or the mobile app to clock in
For employees

• Simply touch the time clock with your card or chip

• Clock in immediately after coming to work

• No additional technical knowledge and device needed

• A user-friendly device

» Our employees can clock in from anywhere as soon as they start working (from the PC or mobile phone). « Maria Dolinar, KZ Dolomiti

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Mobile Time Clocking

Mobile Time Clocking

Employees can clock in and out from anywhere you wish them to - in the office, the warehouse.

The app is user friendly and easy to use. Employees can also request absences with the app. 

Every event is paired with GPS coordinates, so you know where each clocking was made and where your employees are working from. 

For leaders

• Geofencing - clocking possible only on specific locations

• Accept or decline absence requests

• GPS coordinates and location tracking

• Real-time presence list
For employees
• Clock in from the office, when working at home or remote

• Register different actions (arrival departure, lunch, business trip...)

• Send different absence requests (annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave...)

• Overview of work hours balance and days of annual leave
Bluetooth beacon clocking

Bluetooth beacon clocking

The beacon is an affordable solution with years of battery life, connected to the All Hours mobile app.

It's ideal for limiting the mobile clocking to a specific location. Clocking in is only possible if your employees have their mobile device near the beacon.

For leaders

• Accurate location of clocking

• Simple installation

• Very affordable 
For employees

• Fast clocking in and out

• User friendly

• Compatible with all smartphones

» ...most importantly, our employees have adapted well to the new software (they don't see it as an additional burden), which is the prerequisite for regular usage « Srečko Velkavrh, Mettler Toledo d.o.o.

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Web app clocking

Web app clocking

Ideal for clocking in the office or when working from home

Clocking via the clocking app can be limited to specific users or IP addresses.

Employees can view their arrivals and departures in the web app. Just as well they can submit absence requests.

For leaders
• Flexible rules for time and attendance tracking

• Real-time presence overview

• Simple planning and managing absences

• Editing and corrections of employee work hours
For employees
• Overview of current work time balance

• Suitable for users with less technical knowledge

• One click for arrival, one for departure

• Annual leave overview

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