All Hours announces support for BLE technology – promises to change the way we clock time in the office!

All Hours (, leading cloud based Time and Attendance solution from the EU is announcing support for Bluetooth beacons. These small, battery powered, low energy, simple and cheap devices are becoming popular solution for providing microlocation information to nearby smartphones. The location accuracy is in the range of 10 meters, without the need for mobile network coverage or GPS signal. In combination with All Hours mobile app, the beacon eliminates the need for classic ID badges and clock in the office.

 »Right now, smartphone clocking is used out in the open for mobile workers, not really in the usual office or shop environment. Beacons are changing that. With beacons, we have just as good location accuracy as with classic cards and clocks, only for the fraction of the price.« – Andrija Pusic, All Hours product manager.  

All Hours supports beacons compatible with generic BLE 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0) specification. At the moment, beacons from several manufacturers have been tested including Apple’s iBeacon, Chipolo and Estimote.

 »We are already starting to see the trend of smartphone based solutions displacing time clocks and badges. Maybe not everyone is ready or willing to use smartphones for time clocking just yet, so it may take a while. Nonetheless, we see huge potential for beacon assisted smartphone clocking and are proud to be the first to offer this exciting new alternative.« – Andrija Pusic, All Hours product manager.   

Support for beacons is immediatelly available to users having Android or iOS smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0 (virtually all latest models). Beacons from Estimote are available for purchase at All Hours site right here.