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Accurate Payroll Data Collection

Never again worry about numbers not adding up when doing payroll. All Hours will track and calculate work hours from your employees automatically and make your payroll process faster and easier. 

• Easy implementation
• Ideal for all business sizes
• Clear and flexible reporting
• Agile time rules
• Expert support

Set time rules

Simply set up the rules for payroll when you start using All Hours, and then the app will automatically collect and calculate data. With this, all the data needed for payroll is just a click away. 

Rules are flexible and the setup is easy and intuitive. If you are in a hurry All Hours has preset rules that you can change gradually later and waste no time when you start using All Hours. 

Agile and flexible rules

Set different hourly rates in the time settings:  
• Work hours
• Overtime
• Holidays and work free days
• Vacations and absences
• Lunch breaks
• Short breaks 
• Paid Exit
• Daily work hours plan
• Required time

You can set up rules from the ground up and completely in sync with your needs and take the payroll process to another level. 

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