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Time Clock Terminals

A dependable and easy-to-use time clock terminal supports time and attendance tracking with badges or cards.  

• Easy clocking in and out
• Badges and cards
• Touch sensitive terminals

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Clock work hours on a terminal

Clock work hours on a terminal

Each employee gets a card or a badge, so they can clock in on the terminal: 

1. Employees choose an event (arrival, departure, lunch, business trip, ...) and use their card.
2. The terminal records the event.
3. The terminal shows employees work hours balance and ends the registration process.

To use the terminal time clock, the employee doesn’t need to access the web or mobile app.  
Zone Touch terminal

Zone Touch terminal

Compact time recording terminal with Ethernet connectivity and built-in HID reader. Support for HID Mobile Access via Bluetooth. Reading distance is up to 10cm. 

MATT - Managed Android Time Terminal

MATT - Managed Android Time Terminal

Managed Android Time Terminal (MATT) is a compact and portable Android device with a built-in NFC reader capable of reading a range of NFC compatible badges.

Take a look at the complete list of ways to clock in and register your time with All Hours.

The 4 ways to clock in and out

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