“Having more free time is likely more important for happiness than having more money.”

Ashley Whillans, lead researcher at Harvard Business School

Part-time – advantages and disadvantages
Part-time work is a flexible arrangement which means working less than the full-time hours, usually by working fewer days per week. Employees are usually considered to be part-time if they commonly work fewer than 30 hours per week.

For example, employees work schedule can consist of:

  • three days a week, 8-hour days,
  • five days a week, 4-hour days,
  • two days a week, 10-hour days,
  • any other distribution of hours they agree on.

Part-time employees receive the same employment entitlements as full-time workers on a pro-rata basis. From the employee’s point of view, there is a number of factors to consider when looking at part-time rather than full-time employment. Employees might consider absolute income first, but there are other important factors involved: family time, overall stress and health, transportation costs etc. 

Part-time – advantages and disadvantages

What advantages and disadvantages of part-time should you consider as an employer?


attracting applicants from a wider employment poolmay cause under-staffing at times
retaining valued employees who may not be able to, or want to, work full-timemay create difficulty in scheduling meetings, coordinating projects
could enable employer to reduce costs without reducing staffdifficulty in measuring working hours and performance of part-timers
enables to cover busy periods efficientlycould negatively affect employees income and benefits
more free time, flexibility and work life balance for employeescould negatively affect employees career advancement
enhances employee’s morale, productivity, and commitmentemployee may be viewed as less committed by colleagues or
reduces absenteeism and tardinessthe rest of the employee’s job duties need to be reassigned

Part-time – advantages and disadvantages

Does part-time work sound right for your business needs? Where to start?

First you need to think about the following:

  • What work should be accomplished in the reduced hours?
  • How the rest of the employee’s work will be handled – if there is any? Can his position be logically split? Can you reassign some of their tasks or will another employee be required?
  • How the employee’s performance will be evaluated?
  • How the employee’s working hours will be tracked?
  • What impact will part-time work have on the employee’s future (career advancement, future hours, etc.)?
  • Will employee be flexible when there is an emergency or temporary work overload?
  • Will customers or colleagues suffer as a result?

As in any flexible arrangement, it is of course very important that your company has established a system of communication and company data sharing, so that team members can pick up each other’s work and respond to urgent queries when needed.

Part-time – advantages and disadvantages

How to set part-time in All Hours?

1. Set the ‘Plan’ rule to any number of hours on any day of the week to create a desired work schedule combination.

Part-time – advantages and disadvantages

2. Set the ‘Required time’ rule according to the employee’s Plan. If they are absent from the office in required hours, this will be marked on their timeline as missing time. 


Part-time – advantages and disadvantages


3. Set ‘Work time’ rule for the time in which worked hours for each employee will be taken into account as paid time.

You can set it according to the ‘Required time’ rule, but if you are expecting employees to change days/shifts sometimes, it will be easier for you to enable all weekly hours for all employees. This way you will avoid manual corrections of hours each time they change.


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Part-time – advantages and disadvantages

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