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Subscriptions are charged per active user per month.

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Who counts as an active user?

An active user is any employee with access to clocking and other features.
Keeping clocking records for former employees is free of charge as these are not counted as active users.

How exactly is the employee tracked by the phone app?

The mobile application runs only when the user wants to clock in or out. Upon clocking, the application collects the chosen event (arrival/departure), plus the timestamp and the current location. After the clocking is collected, the application automatically goes to sleep and does not collect or track any other data.

How many employees is maximum for All Hours?

There is no physical limit for the number of employees. Furthermore, All Hours can divide people into distinct teams with their own rules and managers.

Customer Review:




All Hours is a very useful and practical solution. I am especially grateful for prompt responsiveness and help from the team whenever I need any support.

I like All Hours Excel exports which I regularly use to prepare wages.

I would recommend All Hours for its usefulness, convenience and simplicity, and the team behind it for their customer support!