Automatic Timesheets

With All Hours, employees don’t have to fill out anything at the end of the month, which also means you don’t need to calculate anything manually!

Download Employee Timesheets

Up-to-date employee attendance information is always available for you to export in Excel or .csv formats.

All Hours will calculate hours for you so you can download filled-out timesheets. Your employees will no longer be late to file-in their manual timesheet either.

All Hours automatically divides the reported time into:

  • Paid Presence
  • Paid Absence (such as field work or lunch breaks)
  • Unpaid Presence
  • Missing
  • Vacations and other absences


Detailed reports of employee arrivals, departures (first in, last out) and other details are also available as separate files.

Save time and money. Try All Hours for free!