Time Clock App

Clock from your mobile phone.

Clocking on your smartphone

With All Hours smartphone app (Android or iOS), employees can clock from anywhere, even outside of the network coverage.

They can also check their data and submit for example, vacation requests.

Clocking can be limited to predefined geolocations.

The app is available free of charge to every All Hours user. Download it now:

download All Hours on Google Play

Use a Beacon …

… to pinpoint indoor location of smartphone clocking


With beacons, smartphone clocking becomes more accurate for indoor and office use.

Bluetooth beacons are widely available from several vendors.

Android phones will work with most of them. For iOS, Apple compatible beacons (iBeacons) are required. If you want to be sure, get one from us (made by Estimote). For beacon clocking, smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0 are required.

Price in USD: $30


Price in EUR: 27€


Price in GBP: £21


Other ways of Clocking

Combine different ways of clocking to suite your needs: