Mobile Time Clock

Clock in and out of work with our smartphone app.

Smart Clocking

The All Hours mobile app makes it easy for your employees to clock in and out. It’s smart and intuitive making clocking a breeze.

The app is available free of charge to every All Hours user. You will need an All Hours account before you and your employees can start using the app.

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Built for Employees

Employees hate clocking and you have better things to do than to keep reminding them about your new policy.

All Hours gently reminds your people to clock in and out. This way your timesheets are always up to date and everyone can focus on what really matters.

Leave management

Employees can request different absence types and see whether they have been approved or rejected by their administrators or team managers.


Every clocking event entered with the mobile app is accompanied with GPS coordinates. As an administrator, you can set locations where your employees are allowed to register their hours, for instance your office.


For even more control, All Hours offer Geofencing, meaning employees can only clock in and out when they are at the right location.

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