Badge Time Clock

The classic never dies.

Time Clock

With All Hours you can setup a time terminal where employees can clock their time using classic badges or cards.

Any employee can be assigned a badge while this method can be combined with clocking on the All Hours mobile app or web portal. You can also restrict clocking to badges only.


Our time terminal requires only Wi-Fi and a socket for power to work meaning it is completely plug and play.

  • In case of internet outage, the terminal will collect clocking events offline and send them to All Hours once connection is restored.
  • In case of power outage, the terminal is also equipped with a battery ensuring no one will miss punching in or out.


The badge time clock terminal also features a wall mountable case.



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Smartphone App:

All your employees can use our free smartphone app. The app uses Google and Apple Location Services to pinpoint clocking locations.

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