For a small business it can be challenging to justify large investments in conventional hosted solutions, like a company time and attendance system. Especially now with online alternatives available.

Not only because the initial costs of buying the license for a hosted solution are higher. There are also high maintanance costs and payable software upgrades. And you could encounter difficulties with such systems in case you don’t have a designated IT expert in your company who will look over the system infrastructure.

Time clocks for small business are moving online

An online time clock is in many ways more affordable and managable for a small business than a conventional hosted time attendance solution.

Time clocks for small business are moving online

Web and mobile – best time clocks for small business

So, what are the the main advantages of web and mobile based time clocks for small business owners?

Time clocks for small business are moving online

  • You can start small and expand easily when your business needs demand it. There is no inital cost as the pricing model is subscription based. Adding or removing employees from the application is seamless, and your monthly charges depend on the number of users.
  • There is no need to install anything as the time clock is web and mobile based. Configurinig it is only a few clicks away. No need for an IT expert here. Your employees will also quickly catch on with a solution.
  • There is no need to buy any additional hardware, for instance a time terminal. Your employees can register their attendance using a web time clock on their computers or a mobile time clock on their smartphones.
  • New updates and features for online solutions are automatic and free of charge. That way you are always running on the latest version of the software.

Time clocks for small business are moving online

  • Support and maintenance are already included in the subscription fee. This means you avoid any unpredictable additional costs.
  • There are no servers to install and manage in-house. No infrastructure to install and invest into or to maintain.
  • Your data is stored securely and can be easily accessed at all times. For instance, All Hours is hosted on Microsoft Azure and traffic is encrypted with 128-bit encryption to prevent information breach.
  • Mobile and web based solutions are also ideal when the company operates in multiple offices or has employees working at remote locations or from home. This is a simple way to collect all your data in one place no matter the location of your employees.

These are the main reasons why the best time clocks for small business at the moment are online, web or mobile based.

They offer an easy solution to comply with the state work attendance policy and prevent another avoidable cost – a government fee for not complying with working time regulations.

Try our online time attendance for free for 14 days:

Time clocks for small business are moving online

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Time clocks for small business are moving online
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