Work Time Settings and Rules

All Hours can calculate hours automatically according to your company work time settings.

You can personalize your settings according to your office hours and your company’s attendance policy.

The settings covering most of the usual office and workshop policies come predefined so you can get started right away. But if you need to, you can tweak them easily, even for individual employees.

Work time settings define:

  • Launch break
  • Short break
  • Daily plan
    (number of hours to be worked in a day)
  • Working time
    (your company’s working hours)
  • Required time
    (set the expected amount of time employees should be present)
  • Holidays and work free days
  • Paid absence
  • Balance reset


All Hours can cover work time settings for a range of flexible work arrangements: flexitime, remote work, compressed work week, part-time and job sharing. Please visit our blog to learn how to adjust work time settings to these flexible work forms.

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