Almost every employee is going to be off sick from time to time. This is completely natural and unavoidable, but can still produce a tricky situation in your company. And although you can’t really play god with a disease, you can at least play god with your records! You just need a decent absence tracker.

Keeping your absence records accurate, clear and up-to-date can get you valuable employee attendance insights and help you to reorganize faster when unexpected staff shortages occur.

Absence Tracker: Manage employee leave online

Are you still managing employee vacations, sick leaves and time-off on paper or in manual Excel timesheets? Maybe it’s time to consider using a simple online absence tracker.

Absence Tracker: Manage employee leave online

Why choose an online absence tracker?

I will walk you through some of the major advantages of managing employee leave with our online time and attendance system, All Hours. Besides the clocking feature there is also an online absence tracker included in our software, so you get a comprehensive all-in-one solution to manage your employee attendance.

Absence Tracker: Manage employee leave online


With All Hours your employees can submit their requests directly through the mobile or web time clock app. No more e-mail correspondance with vacation requests and no more text messages when someone gets sick. This way you will have all the relevant data regarding employee absences collected in one place.


Manager or administrator are able to grant or reject leave requests through the web portal. Employees also get access to their personal accounts where they can not only clock in and out but also review the statuses of their leave requests.

Absence Tracker: Manage employee leave online3. GET NOTIFIED BY E-MAIL

With All Hours absence tracker you don’t need to check the portal for new requests and changes, we’ll keep you in the loop. You will receive an e-mail notification each time when there’s a new request. So will your employees. They will get notified about the status of their request and any changes to it.


It is often practical for your team managers to handle leave requests of their team members. They have the most insight in what needs to be done and who is available when. You can give them team administrator permissions in All Hours, so they are the ones who receive their team’s requests directly and grant or reject them.

Absence Tracker: Manage employee leave online


Your absence records will be a lot safer and more organized if you keep them online! All at one place, accessible at anytime from anywhere and paperless. Using an online absence tracker you will find everything you need without having to go through a pile of documents manually. Never again will you need to search for another request, submitted who knows when and who knows how. Your absence data will always be neatly organized and trustworthy.


Having all data at one place makes it easier to systematically review it. This way you’ll also be able to quickly spot any problematic attendance patterns. If you decide to act on a specific absence related issue, you will have all the information gathered in All Hours to support your arguments.

Absence Tracker: Manage employee leave online


When you need to present the absence report you can simply download a filled-out Excel report from All Hours. As all leave requests go through the absence tracker system there’s no need for you to perform any additional manual work to get a report – just choose a time period and download it.

Download an example absences report >>>


Once you are using a reliable and transparent absence tracker the frequency of unnecessary absences drops. With you having a total overview of the absences your employees will think twice before making excuses. And if they still will – you’ll know.

Try it out for free:

Absence Tracker: Manage employee leave online

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